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Kelly Halloran, First of Her Name, Pen Tool Master, Embroiderer of Insects, Conqueror of Naps, Grand Collector of Skulls, Obliterator of Chocolate.

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and visual communicator based out of metro Detroit, Michigan. I have a deep love for art and design especially vector graphics, illustration, bold type and vibrant colors.

My partner Bryan and I started a creative agency, Spaceray Creative where we specialize in creating websites for a variety of clients.

Outside of digital work I’m often experimenting with different forms of art and always looking to get my hands on new projects. When I’m not on the computer designing, or covered in paint, I’m usually reading, hiking, petting cats or eating chocolate chip cookies.

Some industries I’d like to create branding or graphics for in the future are breweries, restaurants and bands. I also would love the ability to travel and work with other artists on passion projects while being able to continue my personal work designing sticker sets.

Whatever the next project is, I’m excited for it and I hope you’re a part of it! If you want to contact me for a project, shoot me an email or check out my company, Spaceray Creative.